Sunday, December 22, 2002


I hate lies. I hate lying and I hate when people lie to me. I hate all the hurt it causes. I hate how it can damage or even ruin a relationship, and often it does it to even more than one relationship. I hate how it can devastate and depress people. I hate when you can't trust someone to be perfectly honest with you, especially when you thought you were so close to them. I hate how time and effort is wasted into conceiving and acting upon a lie, and how much time and effort it takes to reconcile the hurt caused by it, if there is reconciliation to be dealt with. I hate that I'm too nice and that I can forgive so easily. I hate that I am a pushover and people can walk all over me and I won't do anything about it. I hate the fact that I care so much, and that I let things like that upset me so much. I hate..this and that is all.