Sunday, June 13, 2004

age never stops

So the birthday was awesome. We had a bar-b-que and pretty much just hung out the whole night. I think I talked about most of it on myspace, so if you find that this is just not enough detail for you, you know where to find it! In addition to having all of my favorite people in attendance, I happened to receive several GREAT gifts. My parents got me a used washer and dryer, which were much-needed. You never think of that as something that you really need until you no longer have one. I also got a baseball bat (for the purposes of self-defense, since I am a single young woman living in an apartment. I wanted a gun, but what can ya' do.) ;) I was also given a Peter Gabriel greatest hits cd (which is a great album-you should get it)...and I got a bunch of movies, including Cool Runnings, Top Gun, and So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Speaking of Cool Runnings, I'm going to visit the beautiful land of Jamaica in 6 days!! I can't wait. We'll be visiting several locations, including the forested town of Ocho Rios. I hear there is a waterfall we can climb; talk about Caribbean adventure.

So I'll be gone for two weeks, but I will have tons of pictures to show ya'll when I get back. Have a lovely rest-of-the-month.