Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the one with the wedding

orton kiss

Well, my sister is a married woman

What a crazy, hectic weekend! The weekend went by so quickly, what with frantically jetting relatives around, calming the bride's nerves, getting nails/makeup/hair done. It was a frantic and wonderful experience.

Then the day arrived. The bride was there, the groom was there, and the whole event went as perfectly as one could expect. She was radiant, they said "I do," and now my baby sister has joined the world of the "grown-ups." She's married. She's moving to another state to start her career.

When did time start moving so fast?

All my dad could say was, "Two down, one to go."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the one with the...

So you might know that I'm pretty much obsessed with Friends. It's one of those shows you can just watch over and over. It's funny enough that it never gets boring, but not so in-depth that you have to pay close attention to it. It's my "watch-it-while-I'm-cleaning" or "watch-it-while-I'm-sick" or "watch-it-while-I-grade-a-huge-stack-of-papers" show.

Lately, I've discovered that two of my close friends also enjoy the show to the same extent. So much so that we have started naming the events that go on in our lives after Friends episodes. Such as "The One With The... blah blah blah". It's pretty much amazing. We can name it and then reminisce about "the one with the wall" or "the one with the iron will" or "the one with the stalker" at a later date and know exactly which memory is being recalled. (PS maybe I'll write about the above mentioned "ones" later on).

Good times, indeed.

Monday, June 2, 2008

a time to move on

School is over. My first year of teaching has come to an end. It's been the most difficult and rewarding experience I've ever gone through. These kids who I spent my time with, trying to make an impression on, have left quite the impression on me.

On one hand, I couldn't wait to get rid of them. They drove me crazy, with their bickering and interrupting, their fifth grade attitudes coming into play every five minutes. On the other, I miss them already. I won't be the one they come to with their failures, accomplishments, jokes, and hand-picked flowers anymore.

They graduated last week. I cried. Yeah, I'll admit it. Knowing that they're moving on to junior high in a few months (yea! they made it!!) and that I won't be at the same school next year for them to come visit me and let me know how it's difficult.

Teaching is difficult (and amazing) on so many levels.