Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a holiday mad lib

Do this section first, without looking at the second part. Fill in the blanks with the words called for. Then, using the words you have selected, fill in the corresponding blanks on the story page.

Please send us your complete mad lib in the comments so we can see what you came up with!

Your Last Name: _________________________________________________

Verb: _______________________________________________________

Adjectives (2): ____________________   ________________________

Adverb: ____________________________________________________

Plural Noun: _________________________________________________

Time Period: _________________________________________________

Superlative: _________________________________________________

Pet: _________________________________________________________

Nouns (2): _______________________   __________________________

Form of Transportation: _______________________________________

Noun: _______________________________________________________

Verb ending with –ed: ________________________________________

Baseball Teams (2): __________________   ______________________

Number: _____________________________________________________

Relative: _____________________________________________________

Girl’s Name: __________________________________________________

Plural Noun: __________________________________________________

Foreign City: __________________________________________________

Verb ending with –ed: _________________________________________

Verbs (2): ________________________   ___________________________

Abstract Nouns (2): ___________________   _______________________

Time Period: ___________________________________________________

Adjective: _____________________________________________________

Relation: _______________________________________________________

Greetings _____________family,
                    Last Name

We want to _________ you a(n) ______________ Christmas and
                                         verb                                           adjective       

_____________ New Year! It's time for our annual end-of-the-year

 newsletter, which we know you are ______________ anticipating!

Here are some of the exciting ____________ we have experienced this
                                                    plural noun

____________! January brought a good friend and Seamus, the ________
    time period                                                                                                                              superlative          

_______ in the world. Having him here made our little ________
      pet                                                                                                                             noun   

complete! January also brought twenty-two feet of

_________, which took some getting used to! In March, we rode the

______________________ to Tokyo with our _________ Devon.
            form  of  transportation                                                                    noun   

 While there, we ____________ the city and attended the MLB exposition
                                     verb ending with -ed

game, where the ___________ stomped on the ___________. Over the
                             baseball team                                                  baseball team     

summer, we had ______ guests come to visit us, including Ben's

 _________s; Kari's old roommate, _________; and various __________
       relative                                                                   girl's name                                       plural noun  

 from North Carolina. Autumn in ___________ has been lovely, and we’ve
                                                                                      foreign city

_____________ exploring the surrounding forests and lakes. We plan to 
verb ending with -ed                                                                                                                                               

__________back to the  states for about two months next summer,

 and hope to ___________ many of you while we are there! Until then,

 we wish you____________ and ____________ this Christmas and for the
                         abstract noun                     abstract noun

upcoming ____________.
                   time period


Ben and Kari, your ___________ ____________
                                    adjective                    relation