Friday, October 5, 2007

i'm in love

I think today may just be the best day I've had all year. Not that anything great has happened so far (it's only 7 in the morning)...except one.

The weather.

Today is supposed to be a high of 60 with scattered showers. Now some may already know what this means, but for those of you who are lost, read on.

This morning, when making the all-important-what-should-I-wear-today decision (which can be an extra hard one, because today is dress-down day at work, and I ALWAYS wear my comfy jeans on Fridays) I decided to pull out my box of sweaters. I know it may be a bit early, but I figure, it's snowed in the pass already so what the heck. I may as well.

So I grabbed my favorite sweater ever. You know, the one you pull on and instantly feel warm and cozy. I was slightly afraid that it may not fit right, that it wouldn't be as soft, or that it would just feel funny...but no. It was (and is) perfection. It is amazing how a sweater (or any other favorite piece of clothing, for that matter) can just make you feel good.

There's nothing really extraordinary about this sweater. It's black, soft, and has a little (tiny) red deer or something near the top right. (It's from Old Navy, so that may be their symbol or something.) But it's so comfortable.

I've decided that I may even be intrepid enough to pull out my tall boots and wear 'em to work.

Today is going to be a good day.