Tuesday, August 26, 2003

burning things

I started school Monday. I must admit that I'm already ready for this semester to be over..but I actually have some classes I'm interested in so it shouldn't be too bad. Enough on that, though, I'm trying to keep a good attitude, and if I keep talking about it...well, you know.

We have a tradition during the semester. Every Monday night (since Mondays seem to be so horrific to everyone) we meet at a park in town and we have a bonfire. We don't drink or do anything illegal; we just sit and chat. Sometimes one of us will be extremely ticked off about something that happened in class, so we'll occasionally burn papers, notes, syllabi (syllaby?). Thus, we call our Monday night get-togethers "burning things." It's amusing, because when we let it be known that we're going to "burn things," we get strange looks from other friends and/or more mature "adults" who happen to be in ear range.

Tonight we're actually bar-b-que'ing, so I'm hoping that no burning occurs.