Friday, September 19, 2003

everybody cut foot loose

This has been a long week..I had the unfortunate circumstance of being sick while having a sprained ankle. Everyone's out of town this weekend, and I couldn't get upstairs on my own. The doctor said not to even try to walk on it for a few more days. So yes, I actually tried out ordering a pizza online. I was able to order it, pay for it, and give the delivery guy specific instructions to come around through the back yard and knock on the sliding door (thus allowing me to NOT have to venture upstairs for another day). He even brought me a paper plate, napkins, and a bottle o' Dr. Pepper. How amazing is that internet, anyway.

On Monday night, upon the reappearance of all my friends, a bunch of us went over to David's house and watched Breakin2: Electric Boogaloo..which is the mother of all 80's break dancing movies. There is really no plot, but the level of dancing in this film surpasses any other 80's dancing movie, especially Footloose.