Saturday, September 15, 2007

tales from the kitchen, part 1

Today I made a calzone. I am so glad that this kitchen is about twice the size of our last kitchen. With several mixing bowls (one for the yeast and water, another for all the dry, messy ingredients that get all over the place and merely spread or become fused to the countertop when you try to clean them with a moist sponge, and yet another for all the “inside ingredients.”) Now usually, I’m not a messy cooker. There must be something about flour and yeast that just gets me crazy in the kitchen or something.

While waiting expectantly for the dough to rise (this phenomenon is even more boring than trying to watch grass grow) I attempted to clean up my mess. Once the dough finally rose to its peak, I took it out of the fridge, only to realize that I do not possess the quintessential rolling pin. Why, oh why?

FYI, though, a can of refried beans will work nearly as well. It might not be as long as a rolling pin, and it might leave weird indentations in your dough, but it’s easily accessible and multi-functional as well.)

All in all, it was the most scrumptious of the messy dinners I think I’ve ever made. It dripped with homemade pasta sauce and yummy toppings like Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and black olives. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it. Good thing I made enough for leftovers!


David Malcolm said...

Oh Kari, I must say I probably would have just gotten frustrated, thrown out the dough, and ordered a pizza... actually... that would have required me to make the effort to make the dough... I'd have just ordered a pizza.

Vespa Rich said...

Sounds wonderful. Made me hungry. :)

smellyknee said...

Sounds yummy. Calzones are SOOOOO good! I think I'll come to your house for dinner sometime soon. You seem very ambitious. :-)