Saturday, March 9, 2013

winter humdrum

Ah, the business (or shall I say, busy-ness) of life.

I had such good intentions of blogging at least once a week, and I actually did it for part of the year! Maybe with the snow, came the inability to multi-task. Or maybe, I haven't felt the need to post because we haven't done very many exciting things this winter.

We have played in the snow (we have gotten just as must as last year, though everyone assures me that this is a fluke and never happens), I finished my year-end-photobook (yeah, in March. But in all fairness, we did so much last year that the book was twice as big as previous years' books!), and we have done all our daily/monthly/weekly routines. Work, bowling league, book club, JAFC, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary or adventurous.

Not that our intentions weren't good. I think Japan has decided that we both need to rest.

For the past few weeks, we have wanted to go up to the gorge and photograph the (hopefully) frozen waterfalls. And each week has been the same: Thursday rolls around, and is snow-less. We get excited. Friday comes, with sunshine and warmer (42 degrees = warmer) weather. The anticipation becomes unbearable: finally, we can go explore! But then Saturday morning comes, with blizzards and wind and white-out conditions. Roads are closed (of course, the very roads we wanted to take) and traffic is awful.

And so, with this humdrum weather, we stay at home.

Spring will come soon, and we will start traveling and adventuring once again. For now, though, we rest.


blm said...

i had high hopes for this weekend with this past week's warm temps! misawa always has surprises up its sleeves, huh? i was going to reply to your comments on my blog but i noticed your email wasn't linked to your profile. nice to know there's another misawa blogger though. :)

Anonymous said...

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Janelle Vannice said...

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