Thursday, October 11, 2012

thankful thursdays - autumn is near

The heat is finally starting to diminish and the summer flowers are starting to fade. Autumn is almost here and we absolutely cannot wait! Also, Marce came back to visit so we had a great time traipsing around some of our favorite spots!

65. The big fluffy clouds that brought cooler weather today!

66. The first day of fall and Japan has dressed accordingly.

67. Picking up friends from the station. Marcie is here!

68. Autumn rain

69. Knowing a bit of Japanese and not feeling so helpless not knowing the language. It took a while, but I read this diagram! (It tells the distance between Hachinohe and various other locations.)

70. The relaxation and sun that can only be found at the beach.

71. Shiriyazaki picnic spots with ocean ambiance.

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