Monday, February 17, 2003

just great

This night was a complete and total disaster. Which was unfortunate, because the day started out very nicely. So my friend Marcie and I went to this Bible study thing all the way in the far end of Sparks. For those of you not quite familiar with the Reno area, this is about a half hour from my house. Since it's fairly far away, we decided to take my car, rather than both driving separately. We left around 10-ish and decided to go to Jeannine's house. She's one of the youth workers in our church and has been kind of a surrogate "mom" for Marcie lately. She lives about 5 minutes from the church we had gone to earlier, so it wasn't really out of the way to stop by again. While we were there, we went out for a while (in Jeannine's car). While we were gone, her kids (they're in jr. high and high school) decided it'd be funny to toilet paper my car. Now under normal circumstances, I would have found this amusing. The circumstances under which this happened, though, were not very amusing at all. They decided that toilet paper was not quite enough, so they poured water on it to make it stick. Again, if this were it, the whole thing would have been funny. But, it was below freezing outside so the paper froze to the car. It took about an hour to strip the car of enough toilet paper to drive home. To make matters worse, the car wouldn't start. Now, I know people whose cars sometimes decide not to start when it gets extremely cold outside, and mine has never been one of them, but we decided to jump it just in case. Of course, nothing happened. So we are sure that all the freezing water probably did something to it and it just wouldn't start because of that. I tried calling home to let my parents know..since I told them I'd be home by midnight. (My parents tend to freak out when I'm not home at the time I arranged to be home. Yes, I'm 20. Oh well.) They were already asleep. So Jeannine had the lovely task of taking us home at 1 in the morning, and I'm positive I'm going to be under scrutiny tomorrow for getting home late..and for the car being messed up. I'm still hoping that the car will start in the morning, because work calls whether it starts or not.