Wednesday, February 12, 2003

lack of anything interesting

Wellllll, I'm still sick, which kind of stinks because, of course, it means I can't really go and do anything. There is a major lack of anything to do around here (which always seems to happen when one gets sick, doesn't it?)

I was planning for jazz night tonite, which would have been great since we haven't frequented the place in quite a while..but after working all day, I was wiped so I just came home instead. Now I think I'll go watch a movie or something and go to sleep (hopefully).

Hope your day was better than mine.

**Random thought of the day: why they call it a "looksee" (like, you're going to take a little looksee)? It seems overly redundant, don't you think? Really, it's like saying you're going to take a "looklook" or a "seesee"..why don't they just say they're going to take a look at it rather than repeating themselves...

Ok, I am officially done rambling aimlessly now.