Thursday, July 19, 2012

thankful thursdays - the first in a series

I mentioned in my last post that I'd try and keep track of my thousand gifts on the blog in addition to I am now instituting "Thankful Thursdays" right here on the blog. I can't guarantee that I'll remember to post every Thursday, but I'll try for at least every other Thursday!

So here are the first seven gifts...

1. A niece who makes me fun, crafty gifts.

 2. Walking through our neighborhood at sunset.

 3. Bouquets of summer hydrangeas to greet me.

 4. Sleeplessness is no fun, but seeing this morning's early sunrise was beautiful. I love the serene...calmness before everyone wakes up.

 5. Opening my front door and hearing the sound of children laughing and playing at the nearby park.

 6. Thursday night trivia fun with good friends.

7. The little details that make a house a home These little lantern lights have followed us to six houses in the last six years - they are so very Japanese in style; who would have thought they would someday decorate a Japanese house ♥

Thanks for letting me share my gifts with you! If you want to follow along on instagram, my username is kari_f and I'm using #1000gifts as my hashtag.

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