Thursday, July 26, 2012

thankful thursdays - traveling and thanks

The past week has been a crazy, fun-filled week. In fact, we have been on-the-go so much that I haven't had time to post. You'll be getting an ear full (eye full??) when we get back, though!

Ben's parents arrived safely and we've been in Tokyo, enduring the heat and seeing the sights! I bruised my tailbone last week and it's been tough with all subway station stairs, but we are having a blast nonetheless.

So as to not bombard you will a zillion pictures when we get back, I will post some of my weekly thanks here and now (so you'll only have a few million later on!)

8. The cool summer weather we are having right now. Our stateside friends are posting pictures of the heatwaves they are experiencing - we feel so lucky to have this beautiful weather.

     9. A good pedicure. I always have a spring in my step when my toes are decorated!        
10. My amazing husband - I'm glad that everywhere I go, I go with him ♥

11. The beautiful scenery that never gets old.

12. Seamus, who knows when we are about to leave and pouts because he misses us.

13. The constant cuteness that is Japan.

14. The comfortability of the new Willer buses. I may actually sleep tonight! Tokyo, here we come!

15. That we made it to Tokyo safely.

More to come! Thanks again for letting me share my gifts with you <3

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