Thursday, August 16, 2012

thankful thursdays - airports and snowcones

With school looming on the horizon, life is getting more hectic and busy by the second. This week, I practically lived at the airport, waiting to pick up and welcome the various new staff members to Misawa. It was great getting to meet them all and being able to help them out during this transition time. It didn't hurt that they all seem like great people so far!

Usually, I avoid airports like the plague. I really love that the Misawa airport is so small though. One terminal, two flights in and out each day. It was sweet getting to see all the happy reunions, and each time I went, I saw people I knew and was able to catch up with them as well!

34. Sweet reunion hugs and kisses.

35. Sunsets that greet me as I finish my grocery shopping.

36. Finding spots around town that have gluten free options. (Pepper Lunch at Shimoda Mall)

37. The giggly-little-kid-joy of snow cones!

38. Beach photo sessions!

39. Rainy summer afternoons!

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