Thursday, August 2, 2012

thankful thursdays - tokyo edition

The 1,000 gifts project is going well! I'm already finding that I'm starting to look for the positive things more consistently. Of course, I'm not photographing every single one, or I'd already be at 1,000! Here are my favorites from our Tokyo trip.

16. Always grateful for Starbucks! Especially because they are playing Bob Marley and the Beach Boys.

17. I am incredibly grateful for a blogger I found in Tokyo who is a fellow celiac and provided me with a great Japanese translation to explain to restaurants what I can and can't eat. Also grateful for Gonpachi. I was already excited to come here but even more so when we found out how accommodating they are to food allergies!

18. Morning coffee + homemade granola + banana = heaven

Ben's parents arrived safely! 

20. The constant beauty of Japan and the pride this country feels about its beautiful places.

21. That phone booths and police boxes always make me do a double take and then laugh.

22. For little bits of beauty hidden in the big city. You may never see them if you aren't looking!

23. I love the sights and sounds of Tokyo, but I'm so thankful that we live near the countryside.

24. Grateful that we made it up and back down safely. Going up into the world's tallest tower was amazing, but also terrifying. Glad I faced my fear of heights and didn't panic while doing it!

25. Grateful for the amazing customer service in Japan. We finally got to go to the Alice in Wonderland restaurant, only to find that everything on the menu had wheat/soy sauce. The kind people made an amazing dish for me off a different menu.

26. The Shinkansen that got us home in four hours!

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